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The Revolutionary Forearm Trainer
  •  A Weak Grip Could Be Holding You Back A strong grip is the foundation of strength. Lift more, push harder, and hit your goals quicker. Strengthen your grip and explode your progress with SwoleGripz
  •  Build Aesthetic, Chiseled Forearms SwoleGripz are one of the best pieces of equipment to build strong fingers, rugged wrists, a grip of steel, and he-man muscular forearms
  • Expert Recommended Injury Prevention 95% of lifters have undertrained extensors, which are the main cause of injury and pain in the wrist and elbow. SwoleGripz provide an easy solution to exercise your extensors anywhere and prevent future injury.
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Feel The Burn!

Been having a blast with these at work. Put some on and my coworkers get all sorts of curious. Next thing you know, everyone is trying them and feeling that forearm burn!!

- Eric B.

Worth It!

I really like using these. My arms have definitely gotten stronger than before. I recommended them to a few friends who use them now too. One has had tendonitis on and off for awhile and he says its basically gone now. Great little product. Cheers.

- Tyler S.
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